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What attracts opossums?

The opossum is one of nature’s greatest scavengers of all. These creatures are quite common in North America and survive because they will eat just about anything. These are true omnivores, finding things that would make you sick to be quite edible and enjoyable for them. There is truly not a garbage can and opossum would pass by that it would not find some tasty treat within.

Because of the fact that these animals will eat just about anything, it does not take very much for them to be attracted to a specific location. If there is anything that they can eat, they will gladly go to this location and continue to return to it as long as that source of food is available to them.

While the opossum will eat just about anything, there are certain things that it prefers over others. Opossums have a sweet tooth just like people do. This means that foods that have a sweeter taste to them, such as fruits, are the first kinds of things that will attract this animal to it. The opossum also greatly enjoys meat products, so things that are left over or that are available such as chicken, tuna, or beef, become the perfect staple for an open opossum to eat.

Meet, in particular, is something that will really attract a possum because it has such a strong aroma to it, especially after it has been sitting out for quite some time. The opossum can smell this from quite a distance away and will be attracted to the food to get a tasty meal.

If you are a person who has your own garden you can be sure that this will be something that will attract the opossum. It is a readily available supply of fresh food that makes it a perfectly wonderful location for the opossum to visit. It will not only find fresh food that will be good for the animal, but much of that food it will find this tasty as you would, including such things as carrots, tomatoes, corn, and beans. These are all things that the opossum loves to have in its diet, and it will see your garden as the most delectable salad bar for the animal.

While all of these are great food for the opossum, the truth of the matter is that things that have a strong odor are going to attract this animal the most. This is why your open garbage can will become a place that is incredibly enticing to the animal. Most garbage cans have a very strong odor, one which human beings hate, but opossums find is absolutely fantastic. You can be sure that if you do not have the lid tightly secured on your garbage can in the animal has a means of getting into it that it will most assuredly do so.
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