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What Kind Of Damage Do Rats Cause In An Attic?

One of the biggest problems that people will need to deal with if they have a rat infestation in the attic is cleaning and repairing the attic, and many people will underestimate quite how much damage a rat can cause if it has been in the attic for some time. The natural behavior of rats does not work well with human dwellings, and there are several different areas where they can cause a significant amount of damage.

Gnawed And Chewed Wires

This is one of the most dangerous areas, as rats naturally have front teeth that continue to grow throughout their lives, so they constantly gnaw in order to ensure that those teeth are regularly worn down. When they do this by chewing and gnawing electrical wires, then they can affect the electrical supply to your home, or in some cases these exposed wires can even become a fire hazard, so it is important that these are swiftly replaced.

Soiled Insulation

Insulation material is another important part of the energy efficiency of any home, but rats will usually be indiscriminate about where they deposit their droppings and urine, and when it is heavily soiled it can be unsafe to leave the insulation in place. The feces can often work its way into the soft layers of material used in insulation, and it can be almost impossible to get this out, which is why it is best to remove the insulation and put a fresh layer in place.

Entry Points Into The Attic

Rats are naturally going to look for as many possible escape routes in and out of their nest as possible, and while they will start with only one or two ways in and out, they will often gnaw and chew several more entry points. These will also need to be repaired, as there are pheromones in the rat grease that becomes smudged around these holes, and this will also attract rats.

Wooden Beams In The Attic

In the vast majority of cases the gnawing of the rats will not cause serious damage to the wooden beams in your attic, but it is still worth checking this to make sure that your attic is still structurally sound. Even if repairs aren't required, making sure they are thoroughly cleaned and sprayed with a deodorzing agent and hot sauce to prevent further chewing.

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