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What attracts squirrels to your yard?

You may not know very much about squirrels but you may find it quite interesting why a squirrel would live in one area over any other. The rationality behind this is the same that you would find for why it searches for food in a specific area versus searching in a different locale. In essence, squirrels are attracted to any area or object for basically one of three reasons: mating, food, and shelter.

Starting with the first one of these, a squirrel is attracted to a mate because of a pheromone released by the female to attract a male squirrel. When she does this, the male squirrel will quickly maneuver to find the female in an attempt to meet to propagate the species. It is this pheromone that is released that attracts this male squirrel so that it will meet with the female.

In terms of food, squirrels are foragers. They want to eat things such as nuts and berries, and so they will be attracted to areas that supply a readily available amount of food to them. Because squirrels seek to store food for the winter., You will find that the average squirrel will focused most readily on food sources that can survive a long duration of time. This would include such things as nuts, which can last for quite some time making the perfect food for a long winter.

While squirrels will forage for food in areas not directly around their homes, they prefer to find sources that are in close proximity to where they live or where they are storing food for the winter time. This ensures that they do not have to go very far from the safe haven of their burrow or nest, making them less susceptible to attack by predators.

Squirrels will also be attracted by the availability of a place to live. Squirrels are animals that hunt during the day, and sleep during the night. This means that they need the highest amount of protection during the nighttime because most of the predators that would seek to eat squirrels are nocturnal animals. Thus, they need a location that provides ample security while they try to rest.

One of the reasons why squirrels are so commonly found in people’s attics is because there is a great deal of solitude that they can find in a person’s home. Very few people go into the attic of their house, giving the squirrel a wide-open space where it is not disturbed. If you have a crack or a hole in the wall of your home that will allow a squirrel to enter into the walls or into the attic you can be sure they will try to set up residence there.

Squirrels also want to find a location where they can store nuts and other food sources. During the winter it is not uncommon for a squirrel to have three or four locations where it can get food.

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